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for Palm BeachBroward Counties


At the Tutoring Academy, we have the right tutoring program for your specific needs throughout the school year and over the Summer. You will receive tutoring at the comfort of your home or nearest public library. Our tutors will give you a customized learning plan, which will detail the academic goals you will reach after the tutoring program has completed.



The Math Tutoring Program targets k- College students who want to get higher test scores and grades in the current Math course they are taking. It is also designed for students who need to prepare for the Math Portion of the FSA or any other Standardized Test.

Our Math tutors are Certified Teachers and Professionals with extensive Math knowledge from fields such as Engineering, Accounting, Economics and Financing. They have helped many students succeed in their Math courses by using innovating and dynamic lessons that enhanced and enriched their learning. Click here for a list of our Math Tutoring courses offered.


Our K-College Science Tutoring program is provided by highly qualified tutors. We carefully select our science tutors from top Universities, who are passionate about Science and capable of providing a strong support in your science course.

Wether you are taking College Physics or need an 7th Grade Earth Science Tutor for your child, we have the right tutor for your specific academic needs. Click here for a list of our Science Tutoring courses offered.


Our Reading k-12 Tutoring Program has been proven to increase levels on the Florida Standardized Assessment (FSA) Test. This program will focus on the areas where you scored the lowest on our Reading Diagnostic Test, and on the FSA Reading Exam you took the previous year. Our Lessons are interactive and fun; the tutor will come with manipulatives, a laptop and books to enhance your vocabulary and Reading Comprehension. We have a staff of amazing reading tutors that will accommodate to your learning style and specific challenges. Click here for a list of our Reading Tutoring courses offered.


The SAT and ACT are one of the more important tests you will ever take. We have the most efficient and effective Test Preparation Program in Palm Beach County. Our team of Test Prep tutors are highly qualified Professionals and have helped many students get into the College and University of their choice. Our students normally improve 350+ points on the SAT.

We start by giving you a Diagnostic Assessment on all the areas of the test you are taking. The tutors will use your scores to identify your weakness on the test. Our very knowledgeable Test Prep Tutors will build a personalized Learning Plan and teach you the strategies and tricks for you to succeed on any standardized test.

We offer Test Preparation on the following

standardized tests:

         • SAT Test Prep
         • ACT Test Prep
         • FTCE Math and GKT
         • AP Exams Test Prep
         • GRE
         • EOC Exams
         • FSA ELA and Math
         • GED
         • ASVAB 


We offer online tutoring on all our subject programs and Test preparation. Every session is one-on-one and customized to your own subject questions. If you feel like staying at home and study on your own time, our tutors are available 24/7. We have a variety of courses that are offered online from College Algebra, Statistics and Calculus to Chemistry and Physics. We offer more than 50 courses from Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Reading, Spanish and more.


If you are interested in learning English, we have ESOL tutors that help you learn the language fast and reduce your accent. Whether you are planning to attend college and need to have an intermediate English level to enroll in a regular course or simply need to communicate better in English at your job, our ESOL tutors can work with you one-on-one. Our ESOL tutoring program with provide assistance in your cultural adjustments and promote intercultural understanding.


U.S Citizenship Exam Preparation and Translation Services

You have applied for U.S citizenship and now you have to prepare for your naturalization interview, which consists of: questions about your Application and Background, an English Test, and a Civics Test. We prepare you on all three areas and make sure you feel confident the day of the interview.

For Spanish speaking Naturalization applicants, we have bilingual tutors that will make sure the language barrier is not a problem the day of the interview and will prepare you to pass the speaking and the reading portions of the English test. 


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